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Words that move.

Messages that relate.

Meanings that motivate.

Freelance { services }

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Call me a communications chameleon of sorts who can adapt to meet the needs of any project. Simply put, the unique value I offer is versatility. My breadth of experience and dynamic approach to doing business lends itself to flexible and professional solutions for you. Whether you are an established business seeking to supplement your internal resources, or a sole proprietor exploring foreign ground; whether you are a nonprofit trying to spark the hearts of your stakeholders, or a young company yearning to memorialize your mission and message. Even if you are just a person who could use a little help finding the right words to commemorate a special occasion—I can help you.


All you have to do is ask me.


If there's an element of writing, strategy or creativity involved, chances are good I've done a similar project before. But to indulge your curiosity, here is a quick snapshot:

{ Copywriting } ...brochures, websites, newsletters, blogs, direct mail, marketing collateral, advertising, scripts, letters, educational materials...

{ Strategic } ...communications plans, marketing campaigns, messaging briefs, mission/vision/values statements, public and media relations, proposals, reports, press releases, talking points, white papers, resumes...

{ Creative } ... identity development, brand positioning, creative campaign briefs & concepts, staff bios, ghostwriting, articles, speeches, personal tributes, poetry & lyrics, wedding vows...

{ Events } conferences, groundbreaking ceremonies, grand openings, business launches, committee meetings, fundraisers, community outreach initiatives, public education programs...

{ Desktop publishing } cards, brochures, flyers & promo sheets, programs, postcards, press kits, document templates...

I will be happy to share my portfolio of digital and hard copy samples when we meet. In the meantime, you can visit my LinkedIn page to see others who've endorsed my work.


{ let's talk shop }


Fee Structure:

The right words are priceless; the worth of the work that goes into weaving them is another story. Many dance around the topic, but I prefer an open dialogue. So if you believe in the value I can bring to your company, let's have a conversation.


{ Hourly Rates }

* Research { $30/hour }

* Desktop Publishing { $35/hour }

* Editing { $40/hour }

* Project Management { $50/hour }

* Copywriting { $60-80/hour }

* Creative/Strategic { $80/hour }

* Rush { $100/hour }


{ Retainer Rates }

Daily, weekly and monthly retainer fees for ongoing services will be negotiated pending the time commitment and scope of work.


{ Per Project }

Single projects will be quoted on a case by case basis after discussing the parameters.


{ Per Budget & Goal }

Or we can start from point B, outline your communications goal, then determine the best use of both your resources and mine.


{ Nonprofit Rates }

I offer discounted rates to all nonprofit groups commensurate with the nature of the work. Certain requests for pro-bono services will also be considered.