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I CANcer

I CANcer is an inspirational children's book that was created to support people who have been touched by cancer. A heart-warming tale with insights for all ages, I CANcer shares the power of perspective and positive thinking. It's an uplifting journey that offers a gentle reminder of the countless daily blessings that can brighten our lives—if only we pause to appreciate them.

Follow a young boy with cancer as he travels the road to survivorship.
Experience his journey through the eyes of an encouraging friend.
Stride beside him as he grows stronger with every step.
Be inspired by his positive outlook in the face of adversity.
Share in his victory as he awakens to the everyday blessings along the way.
See CANcer in a new light.
An uplifting story with a valuable life lesson for young and old alike:
Change your attitude, and you will change the color of your world...

The rest of the story...

I wrote I CANcer in honor of my mom and sister. For nearly five years they fought cancer together with courage and grace, and the very spirit of hope they embodied throughout the journey is what inspired this book. It all began as a simple poem that eventually came to visual fruition with the help of a budding young artist named Matt Yahnke. And since publication, it has blossomed into a powerful teaching tool for people of all ages. So if you have a group that could benefit from the bigger meaning behind this book, I have a story to share. Please visit my Events page to learn more, or...


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Give back. Buy a book!

I donate 25% of the proceeds from every book to the nonprofit group Families of Children with Cancer. That means every copy I sell helps kids and families who have been affected by cancer in Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Additional details:

* 8.5 x 11" hardcover children's book

* 28 pages, full-color graphics and mixed media illustrations

* Reading level: Grade 2-3 and up

* Educational themes and inspirational messages suitable for all ages

* Ships via Priority Mail (2-3 days)

* Price: $17.95 (plus tax & shipping)

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