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Words that move.

Messages that relate.

Meanings that motivate.

About { kSimons }

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My name is Kristin Simons and I am an impassioned writer, speaker and creative professional who is on a mission to empower others through words. I craft words in a way that relate and speak to the heart. I create messages that connect ideas and capture the essence of concepts. I convey meanings that expand perspectives and motivate growth. I know how to use a pen and I choose to do it with strategic intention.


I write with passion and purpose, to inspire new perspectives and positive change, that others may grow through the words I weave.


Because words are powerful tools; they carry the very constructs that lend meaning to our lives. They give rise to the thoughts and ideas that catalyze our actions. Words are perpetual agents of perceptual change—and I want to help you wield them consciously.


I want to help you find your meaningful thread and weave it in a way that moves people. I want to hear the heart of your story and help create the voice that lends a vehicle to it. I want to embolden your vision and illuminate the big idea between the lines, because your growth is my drive.


Certainly, there is more to be said "about" me. But in this brief chance to introduce myself, I prefer to skip the surface chatter and stick to my guiding values. Besides, those getting-to-know-you exchanges are better in person anyway. So let's grow already! Because you just never know where that one conversation might lead...


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Established in 2008, kSimonSays is an independent communications consulting and publishing company that specializes in strategic, creative and inspirational writing.

Professional Experience:

{ Copywriting and editing }

{ Strategic campaigns }

{ Communications planning }

{ Creative writing and direction }

{ Identity and brand development }

{ Public, media, and government relations }

{ Project and account management }

{ Special events management }

{ Collateral production }

{ Desktop publishing }

{ Author and motivational speaker }

{ Industries: nonprofit, food and beverage, energy and natural resources, real estate, government, healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing }

Do you need some help?

Quick-turn or long-term, whether front and center or behind the scenes—I'm always ready and willing to lend a hand.

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