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Words that move.

Messages that relate.

Meanings that motivate.

Events { speaking }


Twenty years ago, I never would have fathomed that public speaking could become part of my life's path. But sometimes your heart compels you to take a leap of faith in spite of what your mind believes is possible. I felt that pull in 2011, after my mom and sister were called home to Heaven. I knew that buried deep within the dirt of that painful experience with cancer there was a greater gift waiting to blossom: the chance to inspire and empower others by sharing their story.


I started to share, and people responded. So I delved deeper and shared more; and the response grew. And the deeper I dug, the more I realized that the story I had to tell was much bigger than cancer. That, in fact, the sum of life lessons from all my bittersweet experiences had synchronously been preparing me to find my higher voice and the courage to express it so others could have the chance to grow, just as I did.


Now I strive to imbue such authenticity in all the events I do—whether I'm talking to high schoolers at an assembly, or supporters at a charity function. Every presentation I give is both motivational in tone and thoughtfully crafted for my audience to ensure the right message is delivered in a meaningful way.


It's strategically focused, heart-centered truth that aims to shift perspectives and ignite the spark of inspiration within.


(And truth be told, I still get "butterflies" every time I stand up in front of a crowd; but I've come to honor that feeling and embrace its symbolism as both a harbinger of broader growth, and a gentle nudge from the loving angels by my side... )


So if you're looking for a fresh voice to reach your group—however young, old or diverse it may be—I can bring a breath of honest insight to the air. Let me help you create a meaningful connection and prove just how catalyzing the power of perspective can be.


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Themes & Topics:

* Cancer/caretaking

* Depression/suicide

* Eating disorders/self-esteem

* Faith/spirituality

* Giving

* Inspiring young writers

* Personal growth/empowerment

* Strategic communication


* School assemblies/special events

* Classroom visits/readings

* Nonprofit fundraising events

* Corporate functions

* Youth/community groups

Booking & Fees:

Given the nature of every engagement is different, I prefer an honorarium in lieu of a set speaking fee. It's a good faith arrangement that honors the value of the work I put into every talk and gives your group the flexibility to compensate me as you see fit and are able to for the job. Creative tokens of gratitude and services in trade are always welcomed alternatives to address monetary budget constraints.

Have you heard me speak?

I would love to hear your feedback! Please take a moment to share your thoughts so I can continue to learn and grow...

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